Saturday, July 23, 2011

Interesting Blog Projects & Posts

I still dont have my sewing machine set up or my sewing room done the way i like it.  Just too many other summer things pulling us away.  Well, mostly pulling my helpers away but that's okay...cant really blame them. 

So...I figure that while i'm sitting on the porch, surfin' the web for new blogs to look at, i would put some on here.  That way i dont forget where they are when i want to start a new project, i dont neglect my blog & yall have something to see besides me telling you that i'm still not sewing.

My neat, nifty, fun-looking projects for today are:

The Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt at Heirloom Creations Blog (

You take a jelly roll and sew all the strips together in one long row like making binding, then fold it in half and sew together.  Click the link (hopefully it'll work) for much better instructions, pictures and even a video.


This red/orange/black quilt from The Quilty Home (

Picture copied from The Quilty Home blog by Jen
I love this quilt and would love to know what pattern it is.  I tried to leave her a comment but my computer was being a pain.  I will try again to be sure.

Okay, that's two of my favorite finds for today.  Not counting the blogs i always love to read.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yay!! I finally have internet!  I didn't really mean to neglect my blog.  And now i can get back to posting on a regular basis.  I still have a borrowed computer but my laptop is going into the shop any day now.  I just have to get it down there.  I think the best thing about having my internet back is not only can i blog, but i can visit all my favorites too.  And of course find new ones to visit.

Got the homeschool portfolio turned in, plans made for this coming year (my baby will be a freshman!) & worked on cleaning out the storage room for me a quilting room.  I was going to ask my husband to do it but his business is keeping him very busy and for that, i'm thankful. 

Until next time ~

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Still here....

Just wanted to say that i'm still here.  I just got back to Pa from Texas and have been getting my youngest daughters homeschool portfolio ready to go to her evaluation.  As soon as i get my laptop fixed or a new one, get our internet back on (i'm at mcdonalds) and get back to quilting - i'll be on here on a regular basis.

Those that are still actually reading my blog...thank you very much.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, i didn't get any actual sewing done but i did get some squares cut.  Unfortunately, i still have some nerve damage in my hands, feet & legs so i cant bend over a cutting board for very long at a time.

I have a nice stack going though.  I have been just picking fabrics randomly to cut into squares but i'm going to start matching fabrics up and cutting them.  That way when i get tired of cutting, i can sew for awhile.  I know that would've made sense to do that from the beginning.   I underestimated how time consuming cutting would be.

Now, i'm gonna jump around to some of the others & see what they've done.  A lot more than me, i'm sure.

*on a personal note:  i am really missing Lindsey, my daughter, today.  There's just so much i don't understand.  i thought we had a really good relationship & could talk about anything.  And we did talk about quite a lot.  Frankly, sometimes i wonder if she tried or was around that new fake weed.  I've heard it's very dangerous and makes people do and see strange things.  Anyway, i have so many people praying for me and my family that i know we'll get through this. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I'm signed up for the Friday Night Sew In at & you should too.  I havent participated in a while so hopefully everything will go smoothly this Fri. 

After having supper with a friend from high school, i plan on cutting squares for some of the 19 ~ 20 quilts i've planned on making before Christmas.  I figure weither i'm gonna succeed or fail; i'm gonna go big.

Although i know that there are a lot of ya'll out there that are actually organized & 20 quilts a year is not a big deal.  One of these days, i'll get that organized.  At least that's what i keep telling everybody (and myself).

I might even get some actual sewing done.  We shall see. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Scraps & New Fabric

I finally got the rest of my fabric washed.  Well, at least the fabric that i'm going to use for some of my 9 patch quilts.  And i guess i cant say "the rest" cause i bought more fabric today.  Anyway, here are the pictures so far.

I still need to work on taking pictures - or at least good ones.  I guess i'm just going to have to do more research on other blogs to learn how to make them look nice.  Since only a few of my fabrics can be considered "boyish", i bought some fabric from Hobby Lobby today.  As soon as i get that washed & dried, i'll post pictures. 

The other day i did find some fabric that i really liked at Walmart.  As soon as i saw it, i thought of Momma so i bought quite a bit of it.  When i got back to the house (i'm visiting her & my step-dad), i left it on the table to see what her reaction was going to be.  She loved it, just as i thought.  So, after doing some figuring, i went and bought more.  I'm planning on making the "Summer Dreamin" quilt from the Moda Bake Shop shown here:

Instead of using different colors for the background, i'm going to use this....

~ the flowers are purple and the background is gray ~

and a couple of different grays for the pinwheels.  If i find some other fabric that i really like that will go well with this, then i might have a few with different backgrounds but for the most part i'll be using this.  The back will be all purple.  Momma's idea.  She doesnt know that this quilt is going to be for her, which is probably good since it's going to take awhile to finish.  Or even start since i have all those others to get done.

On a personal note:  My youngest daughter is going to her aunt's next Thursday to spend a week.  Ofcourse, there's lots of fun stuff being planned as my sister's taking time off work to spend with my daughter.  I'm sure she's going to come back with lots of stories and memories to take back home with us when we go.

Here's hoping all you Mom's have a Happy Mother's Day!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back to Sewing...

I've decided to get back to my quilting.  Almost all of the fabric that i already have for my scappy 9-patches has been washed / dried.  But not ironed.  I took some pictures of them today.

Here are some of the solids.

Here are some of the small prints.  These i can put with solids and use as prints or put with large prints and use as solids.

And here are some of the large prints.  I know these look really mis-matched but i guess that's the point of "scrappy". 

After i get the rest washed, i'll put more pictures up.  Then i can start ironing and cutting and matching.  I've already got some idea of which prints will go with which solids and such.  My biggest problem is that most of these fabrics have flowers & butterflies so i will definately need to get some boy fabrics.  Good thing we have more girls than boys in the family.

*on a side note:  Emotionally, things haven't been too bad.  I just really hate when i see something i know she would like, see something funny online or hear some juicy gossip and i have to remind myself that she's not here to share it with me.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Small Break

I'm afraid i'll have to take a small break.  And i completely forgot about the FNSI.  We had a huge upheaval in our family.  My 17 yr old daughter passed away on the 9th.

I will try to get back to sewing and posting soon.  My family & i are headed for my hometown in Texas tomorrow.  My grandmother & i will definitely be sewing, quilting & embroidery together along with having long talks also.  

Since i had planned on making all my nieces, nephews & younger kids quilts, i will be making a memorial wallhanging in all my daughter's favorite colors.

I never did get that sewing room fixed - maybe someday.


Tuesday, March 8, 2011


The Friday Night Sew-In date has been announced!  Join in the fun on March 18th when we'll all "get together" and quilt or do just about anything that has to do with crafting really.  You can even win prizes.  Just go to Heidi's blog ( or Bobbi's blog ( and sign up. 

I cant wait.  My DH has been cleaning out the spare bedroom upstairs for me a sewing room.  So i'll be set up & ready to go.  Since we still have a while before the 18th, i'm not sure what the plan will be but i'll let ya know.  Cant wait to see what everybody else is working on too.

Monday, February 28, 2011

My Quilt for My Nannie

I'm a Nannie (Grandma) but i also have a Nannie.  I started this quilt a very long time ago in 2004 and then got very sick.  I've been wanting to start working on it again so i washed it, or rather rewashed it.  Now i need to get it ironed, sandwiched & pinned.  I had already done some quilting on it but didnt do a very good job and couldnt get it to lie flat, so i took it out.
The entire quilt is hand sewed.  Usually at soccer practices, in front of the tv, and on my breaks when i was working.  It's in my grandmother's favorite colors: green & yellow.  I cant wait to get back to quilting this.  And thankfully my Nannie wont care if my stitches are somewhat big, just because its from me.

Looking at this, i realize you cant really see the yellow pinwheels.  I'll have to get a nicer picture of this quilt and switch it out.  

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pay It Forward

I love to cruise blogs. Just to see what i can see, ya know?  Well, i found some that i like and a couple that i really like.  One of those that i really like is Lazy Dog Quilts & More by Judy.  And not just because she gave me a great idea for one of my quilts.  Anyway, she's doing the Pay it Forward that's going around so i thought i'd join in. 

The first three people who leave comments on this post will get something homemade from me. 

You must also post this on your blog and send something (that you made) to 3 people by the end of 2011. 

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Need Help

I'm not even sure if anyone's found my blog yet. Or if they did, find it interesting yet. I'm still learning. Anyway....i need some help.

Below is a picture of a quilt top i made for one of my nieces. I took the off white border off because it seemed to clash with the muslin i used in the blocks. I think i'm gonna put a small muslin border around it first but need ideas for a bigger border.  The fabrics used in the blocks are marbled but i bought them a long time ago and cant get the exact same colors anymore.

I did look at joann's and found some tie-dyed looking fabric and some marbled fabric of a totally different color that might work. What do ya'll think? If i used a color that's totally different?  What about black?

The dark color that looks black is a dark blue. The other colors are a lot brighter in person.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Not much quilting going on...

I haven't been on here much, and there hasn't been much quilting done.  We had a check up at Shriner's with our youngest, for one.  And trying to rearrange some things around so i'll have an actual room to sew in.  Plus, trying to stay warm. 

I intended on doing some hand work on the way to the hospital cause its a long drive, but forgot it when we left at 4 am.  Oh well, at least i have something to do while i'm cuttled up in blankets.

Hope everyone is staying warm and being more productive than i have been.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

WIP & not much to talk about

I wanted to put another picture of one of my WIP on here yesterday but didnt have the computer long enough.  And not much has been going on in the way of sewing. 

My daughter has to go to Shriner's for a check up in Feb & we're pretty sure she's going to need an operation to loosen her grafts.  She wants to make a quilt to donate so she's been looking through my books and planning.  When i called the hospital, the lady i spoke with said they like to have twin size quilts.  I forgot to ask her if that was just the size of the mattress or with an overhang.  The patient beds have rails so i wasnt sure.

Anyway, here's a picture of the tumbling blocks i started.  Actually, i wasnt going to finish this cause i started it for my grandmother and she passed away last April.  When i told my youngest why i wasnt finishing it, she asked if i would & give it to her as a memorial quilt for Gran.  So it's back on my list.

 I will try to start getting better pictures. 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WIP Wednesday

I thought i'd join in on the WIP Wednesday posts.  Go to Lee's blog  ( to join in and see what everyone else's doing.  

My WIP for today is a table runner.  I know you cant tell that by looking at it now, but soon it will be very clear.  Well, i dont know about soon, soon but someday.  Now i'm heading over to look at what others are working on to ooh and ahh - maybe even get some ideas for a new project.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Handmadebyheidi (Heidi) and craftyvegasmom (Bobbi) are hosting a sew-in this Friday the 21st.  It's a monthly event set up so people who craft, sew, embroidery, whatever can "get together" and work on projects.  Go to Heidi's blog to sign up.  Post on your blog (if you have one) and post a picture of what your work on Sat. to be entered in a drawing for prizes.

This is a neat way to see what others are working on and view other blogs.  I'm going to either work on hand quilting or start a new quilt.  I'm not sure which.  I need to start on the quilts for my nieces and nephews but we'll see.  Maybe a little of both.

Hope to "see" ya there.

On another note...I went through my closet last night & found books and some really nice fabric.  Some of will be perfect for the "i spy" quilts i'm going to make for my grandkids.  As soon as i get my phone back from my dd, i'll get some pictures of my beautiful fabrics. And another UFO since i dug out a quilt i'm making for my grandmother, aka Nannie.

For anyone reading this: stay warm & God bless.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Getting Started...

I've been going through my fabrics to see what i want to do about the 9-patch quilts i want to make.  I was going to do a different color scheme for each quilt, but i think that's going to be too hard.  Instead, i'm going to make a scrappy 9-patch for all the little ones and just try to do themes or certain colors for the teenagers.  Rags quilts crossed my mind a couple of times but i better just stick to what i know will work. 

I dont think i'll worry too much about all my UFOs at this point.  There's just too much for me to do.  I will get one done though.  This one is for my daughter.  I originally made it for my dad but found too many mistakes in it.  My oldest daughter wanted it, mistakes & all.  I need to iron, sandwich & tie it.  And start another one for my dad.  Clay's choice is actually my favorite block.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Challenges, Sew-Ins & Swaps

I have decided to join in some challenges, a sew-in, and a swap. 

The challenges are at Patchwork Times ~
UFO challenge:  I'm not sure if i can still officially join but i never let that stop me before, so i'm going to do it anyway.  First you list your UFOs 1 - 12.  Then the lady who runs this blog, Judy, picks a number and that's the UFO you finish in that month.  If this is confusing, please, go to her site and she'll explain it much better.

Monocromatic challenge:  A color will be chosen each month, and that color and white (or a variation) is what you use to make your quilt, pillowcase, wallhanging, or whatever you want large or small.  This month's color is yellow.

The Sew-In is at Handmade by Heidi & Crafty Vegas Mom ~
One Friday each month Heidi and Bobbi have a sew-in.  Sign up; sew, cross stitch, craft, etc; talk about what you did on Saturday; and, see what everyone else has done.  They even have drawings for prizes!  I joined in one a long time ago & it was a lot of fun.

Finally, the Swap is at Another Little Quilt Swap ~
Just as the name suggests, you make a little quilt and swap with someone.  I haven't done this yet but watched the last two and a couple of things appealed to me.  One the deadline is very doable, you get to choose the quilt you want, there's no problem if you have to drop out, no pre-assigned partners, and i just really like the set up.  I guess that's more than a couple things but check it out for yourself.

All of these blogs are in my bloglist --->

I guess i really need to find a signature for this, huh?

Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year, New Blog

Hi to whomever's out there,

I would like to start out this year with my new blog.  My goals for this year are to blog at least once a week, hopefully, about all the progress I'm making with my quilts & UFOs, and to make at least 20 quilts this year to give for Christmas gifts.  Since my family doesn't know that I even have a blog, I think I'll be safe putting pictures of my progress on here, too.

Well, I have my list of the people I want to make quilts for and an idea of what colors and themes they like, so now all I have to do is get the material together and start sewing.  Each quilt's going to be a 9 patch.  My first road block is that I dont do well with scrappy quilts.  I like to have a plan.  As in this color HAS to go here & that color HAS to go there, but I'm going to give it a try.  I'm hoping having a deadline will give me the push I need.

Anyway, if anyone stumbles onto my ramblings ~ thanks for listening.