Saturday, July 23, 2011

Interesting Blog Projects & Posts

I still dont have my sewing machine set up or my sewing room done the way i like it.  Just too many other summer things pulling us away.  Well, mostly pulling my helpers away but that's okay...cant really blame them. 

So...I figure that while i'm sitting on the porch, surfin' the web for new blogs to look at, i would put some on here.  That way i dont forget where they are when i want to start a new project, i dont neglect my blog & yall have something to see besides me telling you that i'm still not sewing.

My neat, nifty, fun-looking projects for today are:

The Jelly Roll 1600 Quilt at Heirloom Creations Blog (

You take a jelly roll and sew all the strips together in one long row like making binding, then fold it in half and sew together.  Click the link (hopefully it'll work) for much better instructions, pictures and even a video.


This red/orange/black quilt from The Quilty Home (

Picture copied from The Quilty Home blog by Jen
I love this quilt and would love to know what pattern it is.  I tried to leave her a comment but my computer was being a pain.  I will try again to be sure.

Okay, that's two of my favorite finds for today.  Not counting the blogs i always love to read.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Yay!! I finally have internet!  I didn't really mean to neglect my blog.  And now i can get back to posting on a regular basis.  I still have a borrowed computer but my laptop is going into the shop any day now.  I just have to get it down there.  I think the best thing about having my internet back is not only can i blog, but i can visit all my favorites too.  And of course find new ones to visit.

Got the homeschool portfolio turned in, plans made for this coming year (my baby will be a freshman!) & worked on cleaning out the storage room for me a quilting room.  I was going to ask my husband to do it but his business is keeping him very busy and for that, i'm thankful. 

Until next time ~