Sunday, May 8, 2011

More Scraps & New Fabric

I finally got the rest of my fabric washed.  Well, at least the fabric that i'm going to use for some of my 9 patch quilts.  And i guess i cant say "the rest" cause i bought more fabric today.  Anyway, here are the pictures so far.

I still need to work on taking pictures - or at least good ones.  I guess i'm just going to have to do more research on other blogs to learn how to make them look nice.  Since only a few of my fabrics can be considered "boyish", i bought some fabric from Hobby Lobby today.  As soon as i get that washed & dried, i'll post pictures. 

The other day i did find some fabric that i really liked at Walmart.  As soon as i saw it, i thought of Momma so i bought quite a bit of it.  When i got back to the house (i'm visiting her & my step-dad), i left it on the table to see what her reaction was going to be.  She loved it, just as i thought.  So, after doing some figuring, i went and bought more.  I'm planning on making the "Summer Dreamin" quilt from the Moda Bake Shop shown here:

Instead of using different colors for the background, i'm going to use this....

~ the flowers are purple and the background is gray ~

and a couple of different grays for the pinwheels.  If i find some other fabric that i really like that will go well with this, then i might have a few with different backgrounds but for the most part i'll be using this.  The back will be all purple.  Momma's idea.  She doesnt know that this quilt is going to be for her, which is probably good since it's going to take awhile to finish.  Or even start since i have all those others to get done.

On a personal note:  My youngest daughter is going to her aunt's next Thursday to spend a week.  Ofcourse, there's lots of fun stuff being planned as my sister's taking time off work to spend with my daughter.  I'm sure she's going to come back with lots of stories and memories to take back home with us when we go.

Here's hoping all you Mom's have a Happy Mother's Day!!

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