Monday, February 28, 2011

My Quilt for My Nannie

I'm a Nannie (Grandma) but i also have a Nannie.  I started this quilt a very long time ago in 2004 and then got very sick.  I've been wanting to start working on it again so i washed it, or rather rewashed it.  Now i need to get it ironed, sandwiched & pinned.  I had already done some quilting on it but didnt do a very good job and couldnt get it to lie flat, so i took it out.
The entire quilt is hand sewed.  Usually at soccer practices, in front of the tv, and on my breaks when i was working.  It's in my grandmother's favorite colors: green & yellow.  I cant wait to get back to quilting this.  And thankfully my Nannie wont care if my stitches are somewhat big, just because its from me.

Looking at this, i realize you cant really see the yellow pinwheels.  I'll have to get a nicer picture of this quilt and switch it out.  

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