Saturday, February 19, 2011

Need Help

I'm not even sure if anyone's found my blog yet. Or if they did, find it interesting yet. I'm still learning. Anyway....i need some help.

Below is a picture of a quilt top i made for one of my nieces. I took the off white border off because it seemed to clash with the muslin i used in the blocks. I think i'm gonna put a small muslin border around it first but need ideas for a bigger border.  The fabrics used in the blocks are marbled but i bought them a long time ago and cant get the exact same colors anymore.

I did look at joann's and found some tie-dyed looking fabric and some marbled fabric of a totally different color that might work. What do ya'll think? If i used a color that's totally different?  What about black?

The dark color that looks black is a dark blue. The other colors are a lot brighter in person.

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  1. What about a striped or dotted fabric that include the colors in the squares?

    Also, got your comment about the PayIt Forward challenge, but don't have your email address to reply directly to you...just email me using the link in my blogger profile!