Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well, i didn't get any actual sewing done but i did get some squares cut.  Unfortunately, i still have some nerve damage in my hands, feet & legs so i cant bend over a cutting board for very long at a time.

I have a nice stack going though.  I have been just picking fabrics randomly to cut into squares but i'm going to start matching fabrics up and cutting them.  That way when i get tired of cutting, i can sew for awhile.  I know that would've made sense to do that from the beginning.   I underestimated how time consuming cutting would be.

Now, i'm gonna jump around to some of the others & see what they've done.  A lot more than me, i'm sure.

*on a personal note:  i am really missing Lindsey, my daughter, today.  There's just so much i don't understand.  i thought we had a really good relationship & could talk about anything.  And we did talk about quite a lot.  Frankly, sometimes i wonder if she tried or was around that new fake weed.  I've heard it's very dangerous and makes people do and see strange things.  Anyway, i have so many people praying for me and my family that i know we'll get through this. 

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